Morning again — living in the promise of a fresh day

I love sensing the promise of a fresh morning. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to come to a place in our journey where everyday life felt like morning again?

morning again

It’s morning again. Live consistently in the promise of a new day.

A lot of our life may feel like a mid-afternoon slump when the floor seems to drop out beneath us. Or the exhaustion of a late midnight hour.

Life is more than just our physical state though. Our real life force flows from the inner man into our life experience. Can we get “morning” deep within ourselves?

Meditate on these truths which highlight the promise of continually living in the hope of a fresh morning. Release a fresh mindset and attitude throughout your personal world.

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Is there not a cause for which we can live?

Ravi Zacharias, is there not a cause

It’s not too much to say that we live in a world which is burdened … fraying at the seams. Is there something we can do? The Creator is active even now and will restore all things. He distributes slivers of His heart of concern to each of us who are receptive. Ravi Zacharias challenges us to partner with God. Is there not a cause we can live for?

Stellar, thought-provoking presentation!

Also … What Could America and Western Civilization Look Like in 50 Years?

Increasing focus and concentration with the right music

increasing focusIncreasing focus and concentration is a leading issue in our loud, frenetic time. Especially when working on a project or doing something creative.

So how can we sharpen our edge and prevent frustration?

I’m exploring focus@will … I’m intrigued. I love the science and neurology behind these sounds. See if this music optimizes your concentration and focus.

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4 things a Navy Seal would never say (and we shouldn’t either)

You’ll never hear these words cross the lips of these high performers. How can this benefit our lives, our families, work and business … and all of life?

navy seals, things a navy seal would never say
U.S. Navy Seals in training (image credit: Wikipedia)

Entrepreneur Magazine interviewed a former Navy Seal. These elite teams are expected to have a successful attitude. Wouldn’t things be better if we thought and spoke a little more like this?

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Feed your brain: coffee with grass-fed butter

Blend your coffee with grass-fed butter instead of creamer. Yes, get the good stuff … Kerrygold unsalted butter.

grass-fed butter in coffee
My morning java blended with grass-fed butter from Ireland!

I think Big Food is concerned about maybe two things:

  1. Does it taste good for the masses?
  2. No matter what (antibiotics, growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals), how can we balloon the profit margin?

Weary of being barked at, marketed to, sold a bill of goods, and generally jerked around for someone else’s agenda? Me too. It’s a good day when you start to tell yourself … I’m not a part of the “hoi polloi”—the masses, the rank and file, the sheeple.

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