See Things in a New Light — this Can Change Everything

“I was having problems in a relationship, but things turned for the better when I saw her in a new light. Now I’m filled with hope.”

Stephen Covey said, “The way we see the problem is the problem.” This resonates as true with me. How about you?

see things in a new light

You need more than natural light to live a truly successful life

If we can just see things in a new light … in an elevated way … I believe it will make all the difference. More than we can know.

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Level Up By Connecting With the Right People

Who’s in your life right now? Take a 360 degree inventory. Who are you surrounding yourself with?


Will you level up and reach higher levels in your life and work? Or will you stall and stagnate? Better get serious about who you’re connected with because the right relationships are key to your success.

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Get Out of Your Way

get out of your way

How do you see yourself? … “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

You have to get out of the way to run successfully. If you’re tight, your body cannot enter a state of flow.

Stop fighting yourself. No analogy about living successfully is perfect, but running to win comes close …

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Don’t Know How to Pray About It? … Pray in the Spirit

Google isn’t all that. The greatest search engine in the universe is the Spirit of God!

Sometimes I don’t know what to do? How about you? Even more, I may not be confident I know how to pray about something effectively. Actually I’m more concerned about not knowing how to pray accurately than I am not knowing what to do.

j0438486 - cropped

The person of the Holy Spirit is our greatest resource on earth

But if I can engage smart prayer, knowing what to do will come, and all bets are off.

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