4 Things a Navy Seal Would Never Say (and We Shouldn’t Either)

You’ll never hear these words cross the lips of these high performers. How can this benefit our lives, our families, work and business … and all of life?

navy seals, things a navy seal would never say

U.S. Navy Seals in training (image credit: Wikipedia)

Entrepreneur Magazine interviewed a former Navy Seal. These elite teams are expected to have a successful attitude. Wouldn’t things be better if we thought and spoke a little more like this?

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Feed Your Brain: Coffee with Grass-Fed Butter

Blend your coffee with grass-fed butter instead of creamer. Yes, get the good stuff … Kerrygold unsalted butter.

grass-fed butter in coffee

My morning java blended with grass-fed butter from Ireland!

I think Big Food is concerned about maybe two things:

  1. Does it taste good for the masses?
  2. No matter what (antibiotics, growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals), how can we balloon the profit margin?

Weary of being barked at, marketed to, sold a bill of goods, and generally jerked around for someone else’s agenda? Me too. It’s a good day when you start to tell yourself … I’m not a part of the “hoi polloi”—the masses, the rank and file, the sheeple.

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Grace Powers Us Up to Live Life by Design

You’ve likely seen  Footprints in the Sand.  The omnipresent poem is about a dream. Someone is walking with God on the beach.

When there are no longer two sets of footprints and just one, God’s explains: “During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

But what if it became one set of footprints and a long, messy groove??

footprints in the sand, live life by design

Yes, there are those times we are carried. And at times we may be dragged! All of it is grace and mercy.

Yet …

Those are temporary times and seasons. God has designs on us! And he wants us to walk with him … and to run with him in his story.

Grace is God doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. It’s unmerited favor. But it’s more. Grace is also an empowerment to live in alignment with his design for us. It’s the strong ability to partner with God and experience true destiny.

Walking with God is relational—and this relationship includes the dimension of living out his dominion right now.

What’s your view? Is grace merely passive? Or is it active?

See Things in a New Light — this Can Change Everything

“I was having problems in a relationship, but things turned for the better when I saw her in a new light. Now I’m filled with hope.”

Stephen Covey said, “The way we see the problem is the problem.” This resonates as true with me. How about you?

see things in a new light

You need more than natural light to live a truly successful life

If we can just see things in a new light … in an elevated way … I believe it will make all the difference. More than we can know.

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Level Up By Connecting With the Right People

Who’s in your life right now? Take a 360 degree inventory. Who are you surrounding yourself with?


Will you level up and reach higher levels in your life and work? Or will you stall and stagnate? Better get serious about who you’re connected with because the right relationships are key to your success.

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