Modern-Day Moses

He’s (modern-day Moses) met the maker,¬†he’s met the reason he’s alive¬†and he’s on fire inside.

I came across this strong tune by Kendall Payne on Frank Viola’s blog. (Dive into Frank’s site … it’s a rich vault of content, inspiring us to leave the shoreline and go deeper with Christ.)

Do you want to feel something? Anything? There’s no feeling like personal destiny and the fire of God on the inside. Nothing comes close.

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The Ultimate Superorganism: The Body of Christ

It’s late Sunday afternoon, and I just finished watching a video podcast …

termite mound, superorganism

A termite mound made by the cathedral termite is a superorganism (Wikipedia)

It’s apparent the host and his guest are not Christ-followers. Yet, I find that quite often when I listen to fascinating conversations in various fields of interest, a concept will emerge which I can easily see has its ultimate realization in spirituality.

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