The Ultimate Superorganism: The Body of Christ

It’s late Sunday afternoon, and I just finished watching a video podcast …

It’s apparent the host and his guest are not Christ-followers. Yet, I find that quite often when I listen to fascinating conversations in various fields of interest, a concept will emerge which I can easily see has its ultimate realization in spirituality.

termite mound, superorganism

A termite mound made by the cathedral termite is a superorganism (Wikipedia)

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Can We Grow into Water-Walking Faith? (show Jesus your initiative)

water-walking faith, sea

Sure we can …

Jesus is our standard. Our model.

His activity seen in the Gospels of the New Testament is meant to spark in us the same works. He not only taught about the Kingdom of God, He modeled it. Jesus is our touchstone.

Shockingly, He said we are to do the same things He did, even more so!  … “I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father” (John 14:12).

It’s really a matter of being an apprentice of Jesus, growing up into His nature (we partake of the nature of God, 2 Peter 1:4). And let’s member, Christ’s nature includes His activities, His works.

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Do the Impossible – 50 Stellar Quotes (slideshow)

Penny and I are on a new, healthy eating plan, and it’s paying dividends. Even so, at times, there is a strong temptation to revert to past patterns we have known for a long time. My wife was having one of these temporary episodes last evening. (Believe me, I’ve had my own!)

But she said, “I need to read again about this new style of eating.” She was right. I once heard a leader say that whenever he loses some steam about a project he’s working on, he will sit down at a large desk or table and spread everything out — all of the plans and paperwork related to his project. Soon the fire returns.

We all know there are times we need to inspire ourselves. Or at least place ourselves in a position where we can be inspired by others.

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Embrace the Power of the Underdog

Are you facing a challenge of some type? If so, should you feel good about being the underdog?

It’s likely you should …

There are advantages to being an underdog — we’re forced to be creative and innovative. We step out of that limiting “box” to hopefully rise to a new level.

power of the underdog, david and goliath

The almost 3000-year-old account of David and Goliath is the perfect underdog touchstone. The ginormous Philistine arrogantly presumed how the contest would be played. He had no way of knowing what was coming at him.

Even more, he was absolutely clueless about who he was dealing with.

David was clearly seen by everyone as the quintessential underdog. But he operated in the sphere of his genius and shocked everyone. And we can too.

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Success: Living with Mission in Mind

I’ve been challenged recently with upgrading to a higher way of life … a life more accurately aligned to mission. Tune-ups along the way are always a good thing.


We are designed to live in harmony with an expansive mission.

What prompted this? Well, I recently heard something (a message/teaching) which triggered some thoughts. Different pieces then came together — previous impressions, maybe things I’ve read, teachings I’ve benefited from, and so on.

This opened the window to a fresh perspective. I’ve found that many times, this is how a new level of understanding surfaces.

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How I Will Lose 25+ Pounds of Body Fat in 10 Weeks (update: a fond farewell to 26-27 lbs of body fat)

lose body fat

This is not a promo for a product … just a friendly blog post. I’m engaging a “slow-carb” eating plan, developed by Tim Ferris. I’ve lost 5 pounds the first week. And the eating plan has been manageable — I don’t feel deprived. I’ll add some updated notes to this post each week. (Read on to see the updates.) 

CURRENT UPDATE: I’ve bid a fond farewell to 23.5+ pounds of body weight in 10 weeks. I’ve likely actually lost  approximately 26-27 pounds of body fat (conservatively estimating), because I’ve been adding lean muscle tissue through consistent resistance training each week (machines, dumb bells, push-ups). Motivated. Also, see below for week-to-week updates.

There are several things I’m looking for in a successful weight loss initiative:

  • My weight loss should be fast enough (and healthy) to keep momentum and motivation at a high level.
  • Have you noticed that life does not slow down while losing body fat! I have to eat for high energy.
  • Feeling chronically deprived of food can kill a weight loss run. I don’t want to be distracted by feeling hungry all the time.

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Beauty Can Kill You

Men, beauty, whatever it is — natural beauty, a woman, music, art — arouses and puts us in touch with deep longing. A deep, instinctual longing for something much larger, something above and beyond the beauty presenting itself to us.

Beauty is powerful and mysterious. We need it. We long for it. Yet, beauty can kill you if you don’t understand it.

beauty can kill, crator lake

Often, we settle and attach our longing to the face of beauty, not understanding that it is calling us to something more.

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Often, It’s Best to Just Stop Talking!

stop talking, horseWhat comes out of our mouths shapes things. Even more, our words create things.

What we say can also torch our lives.

Here’s what we now know from psychology, science, human achievement and business — our personal language affects our world.

Sometimes it’s best (for everything and everyone concerned!) that we just stop talking.

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Is Self-Sabotage Giving Space to Unanswered Prayers?

unanswered prayers, fairchild chapel oberlin college

Several days ago, I sensed the Holy Spirit nudging me into a fresh truth about unanswered prayers … I was reading through the book of James in Fairchild Chapel on the campus of Oberlin College. Photo: Fairchild Chapel

I think we can say that prayer (conversing and interacting with the Creator) is an unlimited pursuit!

We have the opportunity to grow and increase in prayer. The heavens are the limit! Thomas Brooks said, O the power of private prayer! I hath a kind of omnipotency in it.”

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