Keep learning to transform your life

learning as a life quest

Continual learning is a big life theme with me. Learning throughout life is proven to be a key part of personal happiness and releasing our life potential. Here’s a collection of some posts I’ve written about learning as a life quest. Posts like ‘Benefit in Life with a Beginner’s Mind’ and ‘Unlearning and the Beauty of Learning New Things.’

See what you think. To continued learning!

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Decide. Commit. Go bold!

There is power for living in a quality decision. Is life asking you to make a decision about something? It can be large or small. What do you need to commit to? And what could happen if you got bold about it?

personal commitment, William Hutchison Murray

What’s on the other side of your decision? … a beautiful marriage and family? … the next level in your career or business? … an education that will create lifetime value? … new levels of energy and wellness? … that cause or mission you must engage? … relationships that make all the difference?

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Break through the negative sound barrier!

Have you felt like a BARRIER was holding you back in an area of your lifestyle or work? Are you weary of the limiting negativity around you? Or even in your own thinking and emotional life?

negative sound (twitter)

Here’s the reality … you can experience a breakthrough!

Photo: an F/A-18 Hornet breaks the sound barrier. Public domain.

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