Supernatural Means

Most of us live as if what’s possible is directly correlated to our own means …

Children Playing

Gabriel’s message to Mary was she would conceive and give birth to the expected One. He would be called the Son of the Most High and would be given the throne of his father, David.

Her question to Gabriel was a fair one.

She was betrothed to Joseph, but they were not married yet. They had not known each other intimately. How could she possibly conceive?

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Christmas Longings Are Clues

Christmas longings give our heart a chance to discover true fulfillment and joy …

deer drinking

Christmastime seems to heighten our personal desires and longings. I believe this is an opportunity for us.

C.S. Lewis wrote in The Weight of Glory  that we long for something from which we are separated. The Germans have a way of thinking about it. Sehnsucht (ZANE-zoocht) in the German is a word which means yearning, craving, “life’s longings.”

Something is missing, incomplete, and unfinished. We search for happiness while at the same time trying to deal with the reality of unattainable wishes. We experience the pain of incompleteness, of being separated. We’re not quite home. Sehnsucht can feel like a longing for a distant country, a country that we somehow know is familiar.

And so we long and yearn …

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Your Recipe for Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a strong drive in the human family. This post is part of a series on discovering happiness.

One of the keys to experiencing more happiness is making a quality decision to be happier. Then mix it with something uplifting. It’s your signature recipe for happiness.

Consider music. Here’s what recent research is showing us: if we mix our intention to be happy with uplifting music, it will increase our happiness.

There are other uplifting things we can mix with our intention to be happy too. But, for now, spend a moment or two making a decision to increase your happiness. Then listen to some of the following pieces.

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Jesus Says “Boo” to the Devil and His Imps

I suppose the devil thinks Halloween – the high holiday of Satanists, witches, and warlocks – is the celebration of the year. Let’s PARTAAY, you imps!

But, since Jesus, the devil’s back on his heels … just about all the time. Perhaps the partying is a desperate attempt to medicate the anticipation of pending doom.

Jesus haunts him.


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Cultivate Beauty In All Things

“Beauty is powerful. It may be the most powerful thing on earth” (John and Stasi Eldredge, Captivating).

Beauty is loved. The Creator loves beauty, and we are presidposed to be drawn to beauty.

Consider music. Animals do not create music. Well, you may say birds sing and that is true. But animals do not take a string, stretch it, and pluck or strike it to release a resonating sound. Animals do not write songs or create symphonies.

Humans do that. Obviously sound – music itself – is designed into the very nature of things. It seems the human mind universally knows something about musical scale, whether one is a musician or not.

Andy Crouch is saying our mind, our emotions and body, and our spirit too, are predisposed to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of music. A sunset, a seascape, a work of art, elegant technology, music …  all draw us to the deep-seated, innate belief in a Creator.

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Are You a Map Creator? Or a Map Reader?

If I want things to be different moving forward, I’ll need new Life-Maps.

I have to be authentic (and humble) to realize the maps I’m playing from in life do not perfectly represent the territory. By territory I mean not only the reality of where I am now, but the potential and destiny I’m meant to experience.

I’m in need of  being a map creator.

We’re living from the maps of the life-scapes we routinely use. Maps change over time as we become more accurate. Take a look at Ptolemy’s world map from the 2nd century (15th-century reconstruction) …

map creator

Consider the area of relationships. We have entrenched patterns we have developed in how we relate to people. And also, the types of people we relate to.

These are deeply scripted patterns that tend to hold our relationships in the same level of orbit. It’s a gravitational field of sorts. Of course with relationships, this is vital because relationships affect most everything … our basic enjoyment of life and our personal and professional development.

If we keep operating from the same maps with our relationships, we’ll stay at the same level. We’ll have to venture forth and create new maps if we want a new relational life.

What could that look like? We improve our relational and conversational skills. How about developing our EQ quotient (emotional intelligence)? … empathy, understanding, communication, etc. We create healthy networking to meet new people.

What is our need? What is our opportunity? We can create new maps in various areas of life by poking, leaving, exploring and new map-creation.

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