Let’s Not Allow Our Shallow Culture Confuse Us About What Love Is

As I was reflecting and preparing to teach a class recently, I thought the 3 most important questions in the world must be:

  1. Who do people say I am? (Jesus)
  2. What is truth? (Pilate to Jesus)
  3. And what is love?

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In our quest to enjoy what’s real in life (truth/reality), we should know that the meaning of words, language, images, and thought itself is being altered. It will open the door to deception and corruption in our lives.

Let’s not be confused and shallow about what love is …

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See My Guest Post: Attaining the Wealth of Christ

success in ChristDo you feel there is more for you in life?

There is a mystery found in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians (hint: it has to do with our relational life) which I feel many of us are missing.

It’s simple. Yet if we neglect this, it’s probably costing us the life we really want to live.

I wrote a guest post on Paul Hubbard’s new site (click thru).

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2500 Year-Old Keys to Making a Comeback When Something Bad Happens

How can we successfully make a comeback and move forward … even when something bad happens?

rock climbing

It starts by remembering that God is thinking good things about us. There may be times when it is also necessary for us to reflect honestly about ourselves … how are we doing? Do we need to repent and change in some area of our lives?

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Dark Horses

The “dark horse” is a competitor who is not known and is almost impossible to place betting odds on. You can be down, but it’s not the end. Find the way out. Run against the grain. You’ll survive the rain … the pain. Emerge from darkness.


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What Does Jesus Think About Christianity?

Have you ever wondered if Jesus appreciates Christianity in our post-modern world? I’m referring to what “Christianity” has become …


The global movement bears his name. In the beginning years of Christianity after Christ’s ascension, his followers first began to be called “Christians” — little Christs.

Is today’s “Christianity” what Jesus has in mind?

And what about churches? Does Jesus value many of our churches today?

I’m big on the church. I’m convinced it’s absolutely central to God’s activity on the planet.

Jesus would thoroughly enjoy victorious communities of faith if he actually built his personal life, truth (kingdom reality), and his Father’s love into the mix. After all, he’s the one who said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not stand against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven ….”

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The Golden Pathway to Your Destiny

your destinyAs we move forward in our life and work, we discover those areas and activities where we are most energized and experience the greatest joy.

Take a look at the graphic I put together on the right … the golden arrow is a pathway – our quest to move towards our destiny with accuracy.

The line represents our exploring and experiencing different things in our questing. As we intersect with our destined pathway, we enjoy our highest energy and sense of purpose.

These experiences talk to us. This is the golden pathway we are looking for. The energy and joy we experience are clear indicators to us of our unique destiny.

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