Jesus Is So Lucky to Have Us

We’re awesome. Jesus is so lucky to have us. Cartoon via Frank Viola.

jesus is so lucky

We denominate … praising our own name. Hallelujah! To us.

Since the Protestant Reformation, denominations have been formed around distinctive beliefs and experiences. Quite often, these beliefs and experiences are realities which have been authentically restored to the Church. At times, it’s silliness.

So we come up with a name. We “denominate” it. (Is this a new word?) We become elitist and sectarian. And frankly, we can get pretty ugly about it.

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You Really Don’t Need a Bucket List if You’re Going to Live Forever

You know what the “bucket list” is … that line-up of things you want to experience before you “kick the bucket.”

bucket list bungee jumping

Where did the “kick the bucket” saying come from anyway?

Well, it’s an English idiom. We’re not quite sure how the phrase originated. One theory is that it referred to death by hanging, whether by execution or suicide. The neck is placed into the noose. The bucket is kicked out from under the feet.

Nice. Not exactly an inspiring picture when one is creating a list of things they want to experience before they die!

Whatever the origin of the saying, we understand the bucket list aspiration: the zest for living, the passion to experience adventure …

  1. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy
  2. Do stand-up comedy
  3. Leap from a plane or ride a zip line across tree tops
  4. Climb a mountain
  5. ??

We should seek to experience new and exciting things. And it’s more than just the experiences. Pushing on the edges can spark creativity and add energy throughout other areas of our lives.

I’d like to release the following perspective “into the wild”  (the wilds of the internet) …

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What Could America and Western Civilization Look Like in 50 Years?

Western civilization has been taking a hit. Ravi Zacharias is right when he says we have been redefining what life is, the home, the imagination, and even the self.

The steepest price we may pay is what we will lose as a people before we are able to recover (providing we do). There is hope. Those with a reforming mindset can stem the tide, bringing transformation to culture. An authentic, vibrant and intelligent expression of Christianity is key.

Can you sense what is happening? Do you have historical perspective to understand our times? Together, what will we do?

What Is Truth? … the Cultural Mood Loathes Certainty and Truth

I’m amazed when I reflect on Jesus’ interactions with people. It’s almost as if specific sayings of Jesus were recorded especially for our time.

what is truth

At his trial, Jesus told Pilate that he came into the world for the purpose of communicating truth … and that everyone who is of the truth would hear his voice.

Pilate’s timeless question? “What is truth?”

Ravi Zacharias says today’s postmodern cultural mood is against truth, against meaning and against certainty. The postmodernist would even say the scriptures have to be “deconstructed” and refashioned in a way that supports the prevailing worldview today. Pilate’s question perfectly expresses the predominate mood of our time. (video after the jump)

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Steps Toward Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a strong drive in the human family. This post is part of a series on discovering happiness.

“I’ll be happy when these circumstances finally change.” It’s a myth. I touched on some myth-slaying that Shawn Achor lays out in his book, Before Happiness: The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness, and Sustaining Positive Change.

what makes us happy

These are things that claim to make us happy. But we know how that ends up. Now what are some positive things we can activate to increase our happiness?

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Slaying Myths About What Makes Us Happy

The pursuit of happiness is a strong drive in the human family. This post is part of a series on discovering happiness.

Think of it. What is the cost of unhappiness? How much of a price is there to pay?

Well, ask the child of a chronically unhappy parent. Or ask the spouse of an unhappy wife or husband. Unhappiness can exact a terrible cost.

myths about happiness

Have you ever worked for an unhappy boss? I did a stint in radio broadcasting. The station manager at the time was a very unhappy man. Everyone felt it. It was no surprise then to hear later that his marriage ended. Sad.

Unhappiness is often brutal in its effect.

Is an unhappy employee a real asset to your organization or company? Probably not so much. I wonder to what extent unhappiness undermines and even destroys productivity and profitability.

Truly, unhappiness is costly, in these, and in many other ways.

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Openness = a World of Opportunity

opennessDo you want to be empowered by experiencing more access to better information and opportunity? Of course.

Openness is in. It empowers and creates freedom. What can this mean for you and I? Don Tapscott gives us 4 principles that make up the new open world. This is the world we now live in. And I think we should say that’s a very good thing.

  1. Collaboration. Our organizations, companies, and governmental structures become more porous, open, and fluid.
  2. Transparency. Sunlight is always our friend. It’s vital that important information is seen.
  3. Sharing. This is the power of the commons. We release assets and intellectual rights. This causes everything to accelerate and rise.
  4. Empowerment. This happens through the distribution of knowledge and power.

Take in Tapscott’s talk below the jump. It’s more than interesting concepts. It’s already happening. But to engage conceptual thinking about what is happening, why it’s happening, and how it’s happening is very helpful to us.

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