Stay cool if you want to rule [audio]

[5 min audio clip from yours truly]

We are designed to rule. Adam and Eve were accustomed to walking in harmony with Christ in the cool of the day. Everything flowed from this clear relationship … including their capacity to exercise dominion in the Garden and throughout the earth.

We know that something has happened. But Christ reconciles us to a higher coolness again! If we’re going to rule, if we desire to successfully lead our lives with authority, we have to get cool … it’s a Christ kind of cool.

No longer slaves

We are no longer slaves.

As we come to Jesus, one of the first things he says to us is, “I’m going to make you free, more free than you can imagine. I will show you the way, I will show you Ultimate Reality—and the truth will make you free. Walk with me into total liberty.”

“As many as received Christ, to them he gave the right, the true authority, to be sons of God” (John 1). In Christ, we are now in the Family, sons and daughters of God. The Father’s love liberates us from any and all bondage …

Just as there is light and darkness, good and evil, so there is love and fear. Know that perfected love from above displaces all fear in our experience. Jesus has revealed the Father’s true nature to us.

Via the born again experience, we are regenerated … re-gened. The passion, truth, and spirit of worship can penetrate our inner person, releasing our authentic free selves.

Celebrate. We are no longer slaves.

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Here’s what I believe … just 1, 2, or 3 clear insights from the Creator can transform everything in our personal world, and the world around us. If we value what the Creator shows us by meditating on it … praying into it … affirming it out loud … and beginning to advance accurately … then everything is subject to change!

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